At REAL SHOW, creating an exceptional entertainment program or unique event experience always starts with the client. We listen, acknowledging that the type of outstanding events we’re known for don’t just happen; they are the result of understanding our clients’ goals and responding to their needs. We blend this with our top notch team work, innovation, creativity and experience. At REAL SHOW, we take the same care of a single coach move as we do of a multi-tiered program. Our clients know from day one that their REAL SHOW team is focused on ensuring their program success at every level. From this position, we create exceptional experiences every time…

We love what we do. For the last 12 years we are in love with creativity, that has produced some magical moments in the history of Events & Corporate Entertainment. We thrive to produce quality services for you, that is ensured through a pro active team of creative & talented people. The art of blending your prerequisites with our creativity & innovations have enabled us to stand tall in the industry. With time we have learnt to take up the challenges of exploring the untravelled avenues of marketing & communication that has enabled our clients’ to kiss the sky of success. We define our approach in a way such that both the big houses & the start ups are equally emphasised

The last 12 years has been a challenge for us where we have successfully strategised the clients’ goal. It is our headache that we build a stupendous platform to glorify your magnificent events, seminars or conferences. We have all the skill sets under one roof that bears all the hard work to launch a succesfull marketing campaign in the most cost- effective manner. If you are looking for a Extraordinary Event. We will help you with all our industry experiences to plan for your next Event, Conferences, or Corporate Entertainment Production. Trust us as we believe that quality service is the sapling for long term growth & mutual benefits.


Economists in the world have always suggested that business always runs with an objective of profit maximisation. Who denies?, yes we are also no different. We know it very well that the growth of any concern does not depend only on the quality of the products or the services. There are other X-factors also. We define these X-factors as our mission & vision. We feel these factors to be the driving force behind our achievements & success.

  • We deliver appropriate, innovative and cost effective event services & solutions, without compromising on the final result.
  • Eagle eye for every details.
  • Professional attitude & good behaviour with each client
  • To be in touch with the clients even after completion of the projects.
  • Time to time strategic suggestions & ideas beyond the defined Show.
  • We pledge to prioritise each project equally, no matter how big or small the project is.